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    Attempted Jan 30.

    Beautiful weather!  40-50 degrees.  VERY sunny.

    Pretty easy going to about 8,500 feet.  Only used light traction device on boots.  Trail is packed down by previous snowshoers/hikers.

    Following tracks seemed to be easier (although maybe not advisable) instead of following gpx trail route.

    Made it to 9,493 feet when the snow turned extremely slushy at noon.  Snowshoes/crampons didn’t seem to help. Turned it around at that point.

    If it was slightly colder, it probably wouldn’t have been a problem summiting.

    Watch out for falling ice from the trees!

    Parking lot is essentially snowed in.  Off-road vehicle probably could handle it.  I was in a 4wd vehicle but didn’t want to chance getting stuck.  Parked at the old age home.  Don’t do this!  I got yelled when I returned.

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    Ranger Lon

    Just a note about the road leading to San Bernardino Peak Trailhead:

    We had reports in January and February of access issues on the road, but it looks like that is no longer the case.

    I went up to check it out on Sat 3/4/17 and found the road to be completely clear now. It is a rough road in spots but no issues with ice/snow on the road.

    Trailhead parking can get full quickly. I recommend consideration for others when you park to leave room for fellow hikers.

    Be prepared for ice and snow on the trail from just beyond the trailhead. Check in at Mill Creek for your permit and any details we can give you. Should be some really pretty hiking up there, just be prepared and have fun!

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    Thanks for the update Ranger Lon.

    Would you say that the trail is do-able with simple traction devices? Or are snowshoes or crampons required? Is Limber Pine Campground accessible yet?


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    Summer Samar

    Hi there! I just called Mill Creek Ranger Station and they recommended crampons. Two of us are hiking San Bernardino Peak this Sunday via Angelus Oaks and will have crampons for sure! Snow starts at 8,000 feet.

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      How was the trail Summer Samar? Did you guys need the crampons?

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