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Revised Forest closure order – SBNF still closed

The Forest Service has issued a revised forest closure order for California National Forests. Seven National Forests (NF) in California remain closed: Angeles NF, Cleveland NF, Los Padres NF, Inyo NF, San Bernardino NF, Sequoia NF, and Sierra NF. This decision will continue to be reviewed daily, taking fire and weather conditions into account.

This includes the San Gorgonio Wilderness. No permits will be issued for any future dates until the closure is lifted.

“We understand how important access to national forests is to our visitors,” said Randy Moore, Regional Forester for the USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region. “As we evaluate fire and weather conditions on a daily basis, we will continue to make adjustments to ensure safe visitation. Our aim continues to prevent any new fires on the landscape.”

San Bernardino NF closure extended

The USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region announces that current closure orders and fire prohibitions in California have been extended. This decision will be evaluated daily, taking fire and weather conditions into account.

There is no set date for re-opening in the press release. As the closure includes the San Gorgonio Wilderness, SGWA will not accept requests or issue any permits for Wilderness access until a solid re-opening date has been announced.

Forest Service increases access to some CA National Forests

The Forest Service has announced they will increase access to some National Forests in CA – but not San Bernardino or Angeles NF – starting Saturday Sept 19. For more information and the detailed list, please see the press release link below.

Region 5 News and Events

Firefighter killed on El Dorado Fire

USDA Forest Service officials on the San Bernardino National Forest have confirmed the death of a firefighter on the El Dorado Fire. The incident took place on Thursday, September 17, 2020. The name is being withheld pending notification of next of kin. Our deepest sympathies are with the family, friends and fellow firefighters during this time.

Emergency Forest Closure extended to September 21 2020

The Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Region 5 has extended the Emergency Forest Closure Order that was announced on September 7th. This Emergency closure will be extended through September 21, and effects all National Forests within the State of California. The decision is re-evaluated daily based on conditions requiring the closure.

Inciweb has the PDF with the official wording.

El Dorado Fire Closure Offical Forest Order

Here is the link (scroll to the bottom) of the official Forest Order No. 05-12-00-20-16, El Dorado Fire Emergency Closure., with a signed PDF of the order plus the map

Closed roads:

a. Forest Road No. 1S03 (Falls Road)
b. Forest Road No. 1S03A (Falls Picnic Area Road)
c. Forest Road No. 1S03C (Vivian Trailhead Road)
d. Forest Road No. 1S03D
e. Forest Road No. 1S12 (Warm Springs Road)
f. Forest Road No. 1S13 (Morton Ridge Road)
g. Forest Road No. 1S42 (Momyer Parking Road)
h. Forest Road No. 1N12 (Thomas Hunting Grounds Road)
i. Forest Road No. 1N12C (Thomas Hunting Grd Spur Road)
j. Forest Road No. 1N53 (Camp Angelus Road)
k. Forest Road No. 1N82 (Forsee Ridge Road)


a. Forest Trail No. 1E02
b. Forest Trail No. 1E04
c. Forest Trail No. 1E05
d. Forest Trail No. 1E06
e. Forest Trail No. 1E07
f. Forest Trail No. 1E08
g. Forest Trail No. 1E09 
h. Forest Trail No. 1E13
i. Forest Trail No. 1E16
j. Forest Trail No. 1E66
k. Forest Trail No. 2E03, from Middle Control Road and continuing south to Forest Road No. 1S14, and as shown on the attached map
l. Forest Trail No. 2E05
m. Forest Trail No. 1W07


a. Aspen Grove Trailhead 
b. Falls Picnic Area 
c. Fish Creek Trailhead
d. Forsee Creek Trailhead
e. Lost Creek Trailhead
f. Momyer Trailhead
g. San Bernardino Peak Trailhead
h. South Fork Trailhead
i. Thomas Hunting Grounds Yellow Post Sites
j. Thurman Flats Picnic Area
k. Vivian Creek Trailhead

Forest Service temporarily closes Southern California National Forests, adds prohibitions in others

As of 5 pm on September 7, 2020, the US Forest Service has temporarily closed San Bernardino National Forest along with many others due to extreme fire danger. That means no camping, hiking, biking, fishing, OHVing, scenic driving, permitted wood cutting, etc. This situation is not one the FS takes lightly and will be re-evaluated on a daily basis.

For the full press release, please visit Region 5 News & Events page.

Wilderness closed due to El Dorado fire

Due to the El Dorado fire, the San Gorgonio Wilderness is now closed to visitors until October 1st. All permits through Sept 30 are cancelled and no new permits will be issued until the order expires. We will be contacting permit holders ASAP. More information on the closure as we receive it. Information on the El Dorado fire may be found on Inciweb .

Photo from US Forest Service – San Bernardino National Forest

El Dorado fire erupts in Oak Glen

Saturday, Sept 5 2020

This morning a fire erupted in Oak Glen and has grown at a dangerously fast rate of spread. Part of the fire is climbing up toward the Yucaipa Ridge and has grown to a size of about 800 acres in a matter of hours.

The Forest Service has evacuated Thurman Flats picnic area, as well as the communities of Mountain Home Village and part of Forest Falls.

This afternoon, the Forest Service issued instructions closing part of the San Gorgonio wilderness until further notice. Currently closed are the Vivian Creek, Momyer and San Bernardino peak trails. All permits have been cancelled and volunteers are calling all permit holders to spread the word. Other areas may be closed without warning. Probably a good idea not to intentionally put yourself in the path possible danger right now.

The CHP has closed highway 38 at Bryant on the south and at Lake Williams on the north. They are only allowing residents through with identification, so visitors cannot get into the any of the wilderness area, but people already there can get out.

If you do not need to be in this area, please stay away and reduce the traffic congestion so emergency vehicles have a chance to get through.

For more details about the fire, go to the Inciweb incident page at

Cal Fire has setup a phone number for public information at 909-383-5688.

More information will be added here when it is available.

Don’t forget your permit!

Permits are now required for day hikes as well as overnights in the San Gorgonio Wilderness. Camping overnight? Get an overnight permit. Just hiking for a day? Get a day hike permit. Permits are FREE and can be found on the Wilderness Permits page. Please read the instructions and the Simple Rules for enjoying the Wilderness.