El Dorado Fire Closure Offical Forest Order

Here is the link (scroll to the bottom) of the official Forest Order No. 05-12-00-20-16, El Dorado Fire Emergency Closure., with a signed PDF of the order plus the map

Closed roads:

a. Forest Road No. 1S03 (Falls Road)
b. Forest Road No. 1S03A (Falls Picnic Area Road)
c. Forest Road No. 1S03C (Vivian Trailhead Road)
d. Forest Road No. 1S03D
e. Forest Road No. 1S12 (Warm Springs Road)
f. Forest Road No. 1S13 (Morton Ridge Road)
g. Forest Road No. 1S42 (Momyer Parking Road)
h. Forest Road No. 1N12 (Thomas Hunting Grounds Road)
i. Forest Road No. 1N12C (Thomas Hunting Grd Spur Road)
j. Forest Road No. 1N53 (Camp Angelus Road)
k. Forest Road No. 1N82 (Forsee Ridge Road)


a. Forest Trail No. 1E02
b. Forest Trail No. 1E04
c. Forest Trail No. 1E05
d. Forest Trail No. 1E06
e. Forest Trail No. 1E07
f. Forest Trail No. 1E08
g. Forest Trail No. 1E09 
h. Forest Trail No. 1E13
i. Forest Trail No. 1E16
j. Forest Trail No. 1E66
k. Forest Trail No. 2E03, from Middle Control Road and continuing south to Forest Road No. 1S14, and as shown on the attached map
l. Forest Trail No. 2E05
m. Forest Trail No. 1W07


a. Aspen Grove Trailhead 
b. Falls Picnic Area 
c. Fish Creek Trailhead
d. Forsee Creek Trailhead
e. Lost Creek Trailhead
f. Momyer Trailhead
g. San Bernardino Peak Trailhead
h. South Fork Trailhead
i. Thomas Hunting Grounds Yellow Post Sites
j. Thurman Flats Picnic Area
k. Vivian Creek Trailhead


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