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chris in redlands

I’d like to see the research that supports this claim about why the Lake Fire closure remains in effect. These reasons don’t even make a shred of sense to anyone who spends any time outdoors in the local mountains. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen someone say that the area is still closed “because of public hazards of burnt trees falling, rock slides, flash floods, trail damage, etc.”

This is utter nonsense:

  • The hazard of burnt trees falling is not an immediate hazard. The odds of you being under a burnt tree falling when it falls are about as good as winning the lottery, even if you walk under a thousand burned trees. Please drop this tired argument.
  • Rock slides and flash floods are always a hazard, anywhere in the mountains, if it’s raining. That’s true anywhere. Put up a sign if you’re worried about it.
  • Trail damage. If this is a reason for closure, then all the trails should be closed. All of the trails are damaged. There are countless trees down across all of the trails in the wilderness, and washouts are common. This is not a reason to close almost the entire north face of a massif.

There is no supporting documentation for the continuation of this closure beyond anecdotal stories like this one from shawnsisler. Look around. Where is the re-evaluation of the area that has led to the renewal of the closure? Look at the map of the fire. It barely touched the Forsee Creek trail, yet it remains closed in its entirety.

This is very frustrating, and I hope to see substantial evidence for the renewal of the closure beyond the nonsensical reasons that I’m seeing here for the umpteenth time. I’m tired of it. The impact to the rest of the wilderness because of the closure is a serious concern.



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