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I, like everyone else, am hoping for some positive results by the end of the 2016 Forest Order. Granted, I am not personally expecting South Fork, Aspen Grove/Fish Creek, or Lost Creek areas to open up.

As Jim mentioned, Trail Fork and Anderson Flats were untouched. It’s a shame they go unused. If they can open the burnt section of the PCT for through hikers I would hope they can open the sliver of Forsee that was burned.

There is one issue that has not really been touched on though. Invasive plant species. Just takes one backpack or boot that has been around the natural block to drop uninvited life that throws the natural ecology out of whack. Sure, the risk is always there, but a sensitive burn zone compounds the possibilities. It may not be THE reason to keep it all closed, but it is certainly a consideration.

If I was to choose between allowing the natural vegetation time to recover or allowing impatient hikers through, I bank on waiting. Just my opinion. Disagree if you will. I understand the point of view others might have. Just making a point.

Few of us have been back there to see more than the handful of pictures that have been released. And even fewer I am sure are willing to speak up about going in there.

No doubt, I miss the north side of the SGW. Many of us do. That’s why we are all venting about it.

Meanwhile, hope for the best! It will be back sooner or later. This was a good year for precipitation. A nice step forward.


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