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chris in redlands

Gargoyles are objects (usually deadfall, sometimes rocks) that are piled at spots along the trail where people tend to continue straight where they should have turned. As more and more people make the same mistake, a “sucker trail” starts to form. Nine times out of ten, this is at a switchback. If you’re daydreaming on the trail, your chances of getting suckered increase a lot. Ha!

I’ve been actively stacking gargoyles below the first 50 feet or so of the old unmaintained Momyer creek trail beyond the junction for alger camp for years with little success…people really like to cut that switchback, and it’s eroding the hillside badly now that there’s a lot more traffic on that old trail with all the closures.

I’ll see if I can find a good picture of a gargoyle. 🙂

Gerhardt peak is one of those USFS named places that I’d really like to know how it earned a place on the map. Ha! It’s just a low bump (about 8,400′?) above Columbine Springs. From the trail junction above Columbine, continue up toward limber pine bench a couple hundred yards to a small saddle between two low peaks. You’ll know you’re there when a new vista opens up to you to the west. The summit of Gerhardt is a short scramble to your right. About twenty feet before the saddle, there’s a little use trail through the scrub. Definitely a nice value-add destination if your destination is the wheelbarrow and you find the usual collection of people there and would prefer some solitude. There’s even a summit register! Ha!

Here’s someone else’s trip report with a nice little map. Going their way is quicker than getting there via johns meadow, but less pretty.


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