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chris in redlands

What you’re referring to is, I believe, the old Falls Creek Trail, which connects to the “Alger Connector” trail between Alger camp and Dobbs camp. While the trail is still there, you must illegally cross private property to get to it, so that’s really not an option.

Once upon a time, there was the momyer creek trail, which went from a camp in forest falls to the saddle between Anderson and San Bernardino East peaks. There was also the Falls Creek Trail, which went from a point about 1/2 mile below the parking area for Vivian up past Dobbs and on to Saxton and the ridge.

Year ago, a connector trail was built (by boy scouts!) between the two along an old flume, and the bottom part of the falls creek trail was closed due to private property issues and the upper part of the momyer creek trail was left to fall into disrepair. What’s left is what’s referred to as the Momyer Creek Trail…really a combination of three trails!

So no, there’s no shortcut. And for gods sake, don’t try to get to anywhere but the falls overlook on the Big Falls trail. Lots of people have died up there just playing around not even trying to scramble to a specific goal.



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