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Hi Frank.  I see you got good replies so you don’t need an answer to your questions.  Since it appears you are a fellow xc enthusiast, there are a few routes that are very nice that I have done many times.

1. If you’re going up the San Bernardino trail, it’s very nice to follow the Limber Pine Spring drainage on up to the ridge.  I like the trail route also because it affords a spectacular view from the point just before Washington Monument.

2. When they re-open Forsee, if you stay to the left along the edge of the drop off starting at about 9000 feet elevation you get some awesome views and it’s no harder than the trail. It is also only about 1/2 the distance so it will be a bit steeper. Still, this is one of my favorites.

3.  When they re-open South Fork, if you turn right when you hit the wilderness boundary at Poop-out Hill, you can easily follow the ridge-line up to the top of the main ridge.  The route is both clear of brush/barriers and it easy to make out, as you simply stay on the ridge as it climbs.

4. Another possibility for SF is if you just stay in the drainage going towards Dry Lake instead of following the trail.  Again, you can’t get lost, you simply stay at the bottom of the ravine.  There is a very pretty spring on the right hand side as you go up, and you can actually make out flat places where an old road used to run.

5. The north face route mentioned by Wanderluster is my preferred route to the peak during winter, but it is very steep and the scree is awfully loose for trying to climb up that way.

6. If you’re looking for an interesting site to camp away from everyone, I heartily recommend the 10,000 foot ridge.  Almost no one goes out there and it is tremendously fun to explore since it’s almost completely level. You’ll have to pack in all your water, though, which is why most people never venture over there.

Hope you have fun.  Post a TR and pics if you can!



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