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chris in redlands

This is turning into a great thread!

Another fun cross-country route is the ridge that goes up to Dobbs Peak from where the vivian creek trail first enters the hanging valley after the first steep set of switchbacks. Just cross the creek, gain the ridge, and stay on it. It’s a popular enough cross-country route that there’s even a faint trail in places, and you can continue from Dobbs peak to the ridge and San G if you’re so inclined. No bush-whacking!

You can also walk directly up Mill Creek to the Jumpoff, up the Jumpoff, and over to Galena Peak, or if you want a bigger day, from the top of the Jumpoff, drop a couple hundred feet of elevation to the east until you can see a big rocky drainage that splits two slopes of thick brush and heads up toward San Gorgonio. If you follow that drainage up until you can head west to the ridge (once you’re above the dense manzanita) this ridge will send you to meet the Vivian Creek Trail where the switchbacks above High Creek camp give way to the long stretch along the ridge that starts around 10,000 ft.

If you’re new to cross-country travel, be sure you’re able to assess your abilities, the hazards of the terrain ahead, and your escape plan if you get in too deep and have to turn around, and don’t attempt a new (to you) x-c route alone. Don’t let your enthusiasm outweigh your good judgment. Failing to do that almost cost me everything one day about six years ago on the west face of San Bernardino.

It’s fun, but you want to be sure to keep it safe enough to have fun another day.



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