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I am planning on doing the ridge this weekend if I am able to get a permit, so I can probably give you feedback and a picture then.  If you’re already going to be heading up then maybe I’ll see you along the way.

As far as whether or not to risk it, I generally figure that carrying a bit of extra water is not all that heavy.  If you carry a whole gallon extra up from Dollar Lake (where I found the spring flowing strongly last Saturday) you are only carrying 8 lbs up 800′.  Since you are already carrying yourself and other supplies (presumably totaling a bit more than 8 lbs) and you are gaining overall around 3200 feet of elevation if you start at South Fork and hike just to the ridge, the small additional weight and the rather minimal elevation gain make it hardly worth the stress of “gambling”.  I just carry the water, almost always find the springs flowing anyway, and just dump out the warm water and enjoy the icy cold deliciousness of the fresh spring water instead.  Costs me nothing but a tiny bit of additional effort.  Just my two cents!



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