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Hi David. Sounds like an adventure.  I’m glad the HMS water source turned out positive.  I ended up going a different route on Saturday and did the peak via DLS instead of taking the xc route up to the ridge from the wilderness boundary, so I didn’t actually pass by HMS.

Thanks for the invite! I’ll be doing wedding prep for my daughter this weekend, but I’d enjoy joining in on a future adventure.

BTW, if you’re starting from Momyer you could always take the old trail directly up to San B, take the ridge across to San G, then loop it down Vivian.  That way there would only be the little spur on San G as an out and back, giving you more variety. If you’re going to shuttle it anyway, it’s a super convenient shuttle to leave a car at Vivian, and it’s only a couple miles of downhill if you don’t feel like doing a shuttle.  I bring my mountain bike and lock it up at Vivian, then ride it back down to Momyer when I do that loop.

Hope you have fun.  Post some pics!


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