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Ranger Steve

Hi Jan, you can probably answer your own question now. For others, the wind can play tricks on us. Smelling smoke is not something I like when I’m up on the trails, but it has happened when the fires are in the Beaumont/Redlands/Highland areas. The wind has brought the smoke up the canyons and possibly due to the elevation and flattening out of the smoke plume it is possible to smell the smoke even if the fires are 10 miles away. I hope you had a good time, but I bet it was windy. The winds were blowing 9/4 and some hikers I spoke to that spent the night of 9/3 on the summit were almost blown away by the wind. When the wind is that strong, it is better and safer to descend and camp elsewhere. Other campers were even getting blown around at high creek. I checked out half-way camp and there was only one group in the camp, plenty of room to get out of the wind. Due to the topography of the camp, even on windy days it is sheltered.

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