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Ranger Lon

Good job helping those other hikers with your water observations. I personally had assumed that all of the volunteers at Mill Creek were aware that Lodgepole Springs is not a reliable source this year, but I will make sure everyone gets an update on this to help keep this from happening again. Obviously, this is a wild wilderness and you can only count on sources that other people have been to and have reported on recently. What was reported even just a few weeks ago may not still be reliable as the summer goes on. We appreciate when people like you continue to report conditions on the trail; either in this forum, on our Facebook page, or in person at Mill Creek. We take that information, along with reports from trail patrols, to get a picture of conditions so we can advise people when they ask us.

That being said, we are not always aware of conditions everywhere in the mountains, and I always try not to make guesses that will affect the safety of people planning to go somewhere that I am uncertain about. I’d rather tell someone that I don’t know, and that they should plan to take more water than they need rather than send them somewhere dangerously unprepared.

I personally always take more water with me than I use, because I’d rather dump it later than be stuck without enough.

Again, we really appreciate your first hand knowledge and will make good use of it.

As always, have fun, but be safe out there everyone!

Mill Creek SGWA Volunteer

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