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Thanks Chris. I could be wrong on anything I say about Yucaipa Ridge. Last Saturday was the my first time there. I believe from some post-hike reading that Manat is one of two newly named nubs between Galena and Little San Gorgonio. My son and I had lunch on Galena West and thought it my be interesting to try heading toward Little SG and find an alternative route down. By 2:00 p.m. or so we had to confront the difficulty, our slow pace, and the fact that we were not exactly sure where to head down or what further obstacles we had before us. So to avoid hiking in the dark or a real unpleasant night and a frantic mom at home, we made the call to turn around.

What a great place though. I have looked at the ridge since I was a kid and always wanted to go there. My son and I originally were going to go up Momyer to Allison Falls but decided the night before to go somewhere new to both of us and have a bit of an adventure. Really glad we did. The Jumpoff alone was worth the price of admission.

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