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Yep, I’m the guy that was dragging my kid down from Grinnell via FC Saddle. Thanks for the NF info. As for my dad, he was a ranger for many summers in the 70s, and we lived at Horse Meadows. There is a picture in the glass at HM now of Jim White, Pat Follett and Brian Wilkerson (sp?). These were the guys I looked up to as a little kid. During the weekdays my dad mainly worked patrolling on horseback or leading pack trains with supplies for trail crews. He did the same thing for fires and plane crashes. My brother and I were basically free to run like banshees from Jenks Lake to Dry Lake. We used to love taking the old Flume Trail to Slushy Meadows and then up the canyon to Dry Lake–and some years take a swim.  On  the weekends dad was assigned to an area to patrol on foot. My brother and I would always tag along. Over the years these trips became less about patrolling and more about exploring–good dad, bad forest ranger. That was the period when we spent a few days below Big Tree fishing and where he came up wit the idea of taking the river all the way out. He and his buddy succeeded, but I know it was very difficult.

It’s hard to get much out of him these days. He’s pretty hard of hearing and does not have clear memories. As I am now sharing some of my childhood memories and places with my son, I thought about this trip.

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