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Great pictures. Thanks for sharing those Dennis.



I don’t remember Allison Falls being sketchy but rather a matter of choosing the right ridge to head up. The problem is that you don’t really know where it is until you are looking right across the canyon at it. You can’t come at it from below. I’ve been there probably three times, but that was nearly forty years ago. Last fall my son and I went looking and I was surprised by how little I remembered about getting there and how blind the choice of where to head up is. I chose very poorly and we headed up a ridge too far west and ended up having some really crappy traverses with some down climbing. By the time we figured out where we needed to be, we were out of time. I think going back, I would follow the creek more and not begin to ascend the ridge until the creek turns more to the north.

On the gully from the Jumpoff to Vivian Creek trail, we looked at that from Galena Peak while we ate. That was an option we discussed. But for whatever reason, my son finds the incessant switchbacks from the ridge to High Creek very objectionable. So he chose instead thick brush and crumbly rock.

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