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Cyberbear-Dennis: I’d also like to say many thanks for the incredible history lesson–EPIC route.  I’d always thought the “Mighty-U Traverse” around the ridgetops was the big one–but you guys sure came up with something… memorably fearsome!  Congrats on completing that and please post more often!

Brian: you weren’t even dragging your son around that day i met you–he truly impressed me with his evident energy and enthusiasm; i esp. dig when dads spend quality time turning our kids onto the wilderness ethos.  RE those Vivian switchbacks–I’m really liking the way he thinks.  An alternate route is up the gully above MCJO with transverse up over Pi Peak, then NW around the SW side of Dragon.   Up and over to SG summit and back down Viv.

About a year or so ago a poster here (HBAndrew) put up a great pic album of that route.  feel free to email me at stbrunner at gmail anytime to swap story or beta.   Great thread here!

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