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I posted report, but looks like it did not make it. Sorry if double posting.
I went up Saturday 12/8/18. Started approx. 6:30am right behind two that planned to go to Jepson. There was a skin track from two splitboarders that overnighted in the SouthFork Meadow area below Charlton. Snow was hike able, but the two in front of me went to their snowshoes and at poop out hill, I skinned into SF Meadow. From there I chose to climb towards Dollar Saddle to ski the N-NE face in the trees just below the large rock outcroppings on Charlton, mistake, broke trail the entire way till I was close to the dollar lake trail cutoff, getting late called it quits skied down the N treed face and picked up others tracks avoiding having to cross the meadow and stream to make the far side Dry Lake trail, made it back to SF Trail Head parking at dark. Snow in the trees N facing slopes was dry and nice, the NE facing slope up by dollar lake area was a bit wet and heavy due to sun, not crust so turns were makeable. For hiking / snowshoe, both trails were good and would have been enjoyable. Going cross-country say towards Xmas Tree hill was not easy. The couple before me attempted, but were into knee or deeper snow even with snowshoes. Sunday a group of Splitboarders headed out and reported, took the SF trail to Dry Lake drainage, then summer trail to the base of San G chutes, from there they made switchback skin trail up the face and topped out at approx. 11,000. They reported dry powder snowboarding down, then lots of log, brush, and creek crossings to make it back out. Over all good start to the winter, but this week will be warm. I plan if no changes to take Dry Fork trail Saturday 12/15/18 then hug toe of slope in the meadow to avoid creek, then Xmas Tree hill and up and over the bench into the belly of Jepson, work my way up the right or left shoulder and ski out from there. Depends on conditions. Note; others observed the results of two small slides in Charlton 12/8/18, small but both had long runout. Additionally, I skied all the way down thru horse meadow, to about three switchbacks from the parking. The area where the trial has the larger rock water bars (area was boney with bush and rocks). Hope this helps

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