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chris in redlands

forsee would be my choice. you could go up forsee to jackstraw the first day, camp at jackstraw, then head up to the divide the second day, summit anderson, san bernardino east and san bernardino, then camp at limber pine. third day walk back down through johns meadow, being mindful that you stay on trail between columbine camp and johns meadow.

You could go the other way too, and camp at columbine the first night, then anderson flat the second, but i’d go the other way. there’s easy water at jackstraw and limber pine. you have to plan better and carry water further for columbine and anderson flat. no water near either camp, though there may be a small stream at columbine in april.

you will have to deal with snow unless it is a very dry winter. above 9 or 10k ft, you can expect to encounter real snow and ice obstacles on the trail at that time of year, especially on the divide. something to consider.

If you must go in april and don’t want to deal with snow and ice, consider something on the other side of the mountain.

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