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chris in redlands

The trail is washed out in two distinct places at the first bend in at the 1/4 mile mark on the south fork trail. Casual hikers will find it completely impassible, and we could not find a safe way to continue on the trail this weekend, so we climbed the ridge between the two major wash-outs to the old road (which is also badly washed out) that goes up to poopout hill which we took to where the trail crosses the road above horse meadow.

I will be very curious to see how the trail is repaired. At the hairpin bend at 1/4 mile, there are two drainages which each usually have a small stream flowing over the trail. Each of those streams has gouged a chasm where the trail used to be. the first cut probably 5 or 6 feet down, leaving a pretty good mess, but there are a couple ways to get around it reasonably safely. The second one cut more like 12 or 15 feet into the valley, leaving steep dirt walls on either side and completely obliterating about thirty feet of the trail.

Looking north at the first major wash-out from the top of what used to be the hairpin turn:

First major washout

I didn’t get a great photo of the second, much large washout. A photo from a vantage I could access wouldn’t have shown the extent of the damage anyway. It’s pretty amazing. It also is super-unstable, and I’d imagine there’s years worth of additional erosion before either drainage is able to support a trail near where the trail used to be.

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