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chris in redlands

Hey Neil,

Looking back at the times on my photos, we took 6 hours to get from the trailhead to mineshaft saddle and another two and a half hours to get to the summit from there. Lake Peak was a 2-hour detour to the summit and back from the saddle, but I assume you’d skip that.

It’s worth noting two things; 1. we were really taking our time, and 2. my buddy had come into town the night before for this outing, so of course we had a big feast, stayed up too late, and drank too much, so we started the day out pretty puny. You’ll be able to get up there faster than we did.

Not an alpine skier or snowboarder, but I would ask around about conditions…they were terrible the weekend I was up there…ice and really hard snow with just areas of powder. Can’t imagine they’d be better now than then. We saw a couple of skiers who had come up Vivian at the summit who acknowledged they were pretty much just taking their skis for a walk. But still, that’s a pretty good day! Enjoy!



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