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Thanks for the info, Chris.

Thought I (and my dog) would take this trail and try to make it to Trail Fork Springs camp for an overnight this weekend.  Weather looks like it will be nice.

I’ve never been on this trail before.  I have crampons and an ice axe, although I’ve never walked in the crampons or used the ice axe before.  Only used microspikes so far.

I have no problem turning around, but would rather choose another trail/ camp if conditions really aren’t favorable.

I could always camp at Jackstraw, but was hoping for a longer hike in.  Even thought about summiting San Bernardino/ East (I’ve summited them before but not in the snow and from Limber Pine)

You seem to have quite a bit of experience.  With your comments about no trail, I’m thinking it might be best to put this trail off for a bit (?).

I wouldn’t hold you to anything but wanted to get your thoughts?   Even opinions on another trail/ campsite.  I did Dry Lake a couple weeks ago and Limber Pine Bench permits are all taken.  Read your report about Momyer, but the comment regarding all the fallen trees made me think to choose another trail (because of the dog).

Thanks for any information.

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