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Excellent info.  I’ll put off Trail Fork for another day.  Thanks!

Snow doesn’t bother me… even climbing up slopes is “ok”, but the traversing steep/ slippery slopes and falling to my death does. 😉

Dealing with that going to Limber Pine and a bit on the way to Dry Lake over the last month or so just wasn’t fun,  although I had microspikes for the Dry Lake trip and it made a huge difference, especially coming back in the morning when the snow was frozen and crusted where they could get traction.  I imagine crampons would be even better but would prefer to practice with them somewhere first.  Probably take a class next season.

Oddly enough, the dog did better than I did.  But, of course, no reason to take unnecessary risks.

I’ll take a look at the Columbine hike.  If I got the itch for snow, we could wander up toward Limber Pine- or as close as I felt comfortable.  I really like that flat area you walk through a mile or so before LP.  That was about where we turned around last time.

Thanks again for all that information.

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