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Hey Brian!  Thanks for the report on a most interesting zone.  The lower canyon may well all now be obliterated following the fire, downfall and the current foliage superbloom.  But it should be noted that the Big Tree campsite shown on many of the commonly used mapping sources is notoriously incorrect [several years ago “Hiking Jim” published the correction on this forum, credit is all his].  It’s generally shown–as on Caltopo–just south of a spring, nearby North Folk Meadows.  The actual (preferred) camp site was another kilometer+ down a trace trail, located in the triangular confluence of NFWR and an unnamed north-south trib creek, just below the 8k contour line.  The original Big Tree itself is long gone.  But from your description of the zone, that trace trail extension could now well have been “absorbed?”  Ranger John Flippin could likely provide useful data should he check in here as he likes to head down that way when he’s not restoring Fish Creek Trail.  Keep on truckin–Steve

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