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Hi Pat. Your question sounds like you might be a little turned around regarding the location of Dry Lake View.  Contrary to what the name sounds like, it is closer to Dollar Lake and Dollar Lake Saddle than it is to Dry Lake.  If you’re coming in from Fish Creek and the snow blocks your path up San G, that’s the same trail for getting to Dry Lake View unless you drop down past Dry Lake to South Fork Meadows, then back up on the other side past Dollar Lake Saddle and on around to Dry Lake View.  If you look on a map you’ll see what I mean. It gets its name because you’re looking across the entire valley down on Dry Lake in the distance.  Beautiful views from there if you don’t mind going down and back up to get to it! Other options – water probably won’t be an issue since there is so much snow to melt.  Mineshaft Flat is close by and worth seeing.  Or, if you’re adventurous and good with following a topo, you can easily wander out on 10,000 Foot Ridge.  There’s normally no water source, so even though it’s a fascinating place to visit, it’s rare that anyone camps there.  You’ll have the entire place to yourself and probably encounter patches of snow to melt.  Hope you have a fun trip.


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