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Since you’re new to the area, finding your way around treacherous areas with snow would present something of a problem, so you may want to save the peak for a different day. MikeH is right that the snow would come into play  if you try the Grand Tour route . The Fish Creek area was burned badly so you wouldn’t really want to start there anyway. If you would like to keep it simple, you could go up to Dry Lake, which is a lovely lake right now, and enjoy a couple days there. If you would rather make a loop of it then going up South Fork to Dollar Lake or High Meadow Springs is nice, then you could go over and stay at Shields Flat or Anderson Flat, which are both very nice, and then return via Forsee. Your cars would be only a couple of miles apart so it would make it easy at both drop off and return. Water will probably be available as patches of snow, but you can always get water at Trail Fork Springs if you camp at Anderson.  If the hike on the second day is too short for you, you can always make camp and then hike west over to San Bernardino Peak.  About a mile past the peak there is a beautiful view point looking out to the west just off the trail.  Then you could return down Forsee on your final day.  If you feel like it, pop over to Jackstraw Springs on your way down.  It’s only a little way off the trail and it’s an interesting area you might want to scout for future trips.

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