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Ranger Lon

To correct the record, I said that we have not been recommending the area for many reasons, but that we heard of a possible pot grow near there last fall and had an UNCONFIRMED report that someone said they were shot at over there. A pretty good reason to avoid the area, if you ask me.

Also, you did not report the issue to the Forest Service – you reported it to a Volunteer, who fully intends to pass the information along to the Forest Service Supervisor’s office on Monday.

I also recommended that you contact the County Sheriff’s office which is where you should report criminal activity. They are the primary law enforcement agency that usually handles this kind of activity, but when I report it to the Supervisor’s office, I am sure they will also get their Law Enforcement people involved along with the Sheriff’s department. If you called them after hanging up with me, I am sure you gave them better, more direct details which will help get this resolved.

Thanks for sharing on our forum in any case. People sometimes ignore the warnings from us at at Mill Creek, but may heed another hiker.

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