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chris in redlands

Limber pine spring is a perennial water source. it’s a nice little stream that’s easy to get water from, and it’s at the end of the first switchback above the camp at limber pine bench. limber pine bench is a fantastic place to camp. Aside from snow melt, I don’t think you’ll find much water along the divide proper beyond limber pine spring and your next known source beyond dollar lake saddle. Trail fork spring is another nearly-perennial source of water that is just a small detour conveniently located midway on your traverse to dollar lake saddle. Kind of a pain to drop down to, though, especially if you’re summiting Anderson.

If it were me, i’d just get enough water at limber pine to get me to gorgonio and down to high creek. Everyone’s different, but for me, that’d be about 4 liters. There are probably still plenty of patches of snow to melt high on the north face of gorgonio if you need some water in a pinch. The last year we had a winter like this, i remember melting snow up there in august!

You’re in for a treat! Take your time traversing the divide between san bernardino and dollar lake saddle; that’s my favorite part of the wilderness. the views, especially from san bernardino east peak and from a “lookout point” just below and to the south of Anderson peak, are incredible. if you’re tagging all the peaks, you can almost ignore the trail along the divide and just walk the ridge, using the trail where it’s convenient.

Have fun!

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