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chris in redlands

Oh snap! High Meadow…another perennial spring. Forgot all about that one. I’ve actually never been to the spring…I’ve never needed water at that point but it looks like a spot that’s worth a visit anyway, being only a couple hundred feet or so below the divide.

Between limber pine and Charleton peak, the divide trail basically goes right past all the peaks but two, and they’re short easy detours (with obvious trails for san b and san b east). The two exceptions (at least in my mind) are Anderson and Shields. In both cases, as soon as you get to the saddle at the west of the peak you can basically walk up the face or ridge of the peak to the summit and down the other side to rejoin the trail. Shields is a bit of an adventure. It’s short, but rocky. After dollar lake saddle, you can go straight up Charleton, which I assume is what most people do going from west to east. I don’t mind going down this face coming from the east, but from the west it’s much easier to take the trail around to the saddle east of little Charleton and go back west to summit little charleton and charleton, then retrace your steps to the trail. It only adds a mile to your trip.

From the saddle east/south of little charleton, it’s straight up and over jepson then down the other side and along the trail to gorgonio. if there are trails to the summits of anderson, shields, the charletons, and jepson, i’ve not found them. sometimes there’s cairned paths, but not always, and usually there’s a bunch of seemingly random cairns if there are any. If you just keep “going up” the peaks on the divide in the right general direction, you’ll get to the summit, and you’ll see your path to the next peak from there. Might be some false summits you go up needlessly on the way, but those are good too. You can see forever from all the peaks, pretty much!


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