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stbrnnr, thank you for this, I just located it on the ” San Gorgonio Interactive Caltopo” I have saved from someone posting it. I will pin point that on my maps I have so I know where to look if needed!
Chris, thank you for all this, going to screen shot it and take this with me. Looking at the topo this all makes perfect sense! We planned on taking that saddle to the Charltons, and  Jepson looks like it will be fun hahaha…

Last question for whomever,

How would you compare Vivian Creek Trail incline versus the climb to San Bernardino peak? I can see up to Limber Pine its about 3,340′ of gain. How would this compare to hiking Vivian to High Creek which is roughly 3,080′ of gain? Pretty similar as there mileage is just about the same as well? Just overall thoughts really lol. We are going to be starting in the evening on Thursday to beat the heat. Probably starting around 6-7pm.

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