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chris in redlands

I’ve read people’s speculations on where johns meadow is actually located. you’re correct that it’s not where the camping area is. where it actually is is a good mystery. i have read that it’s above the camp along forsee creek where you put your pin, but with no context other than the assertion that that’s the location of the meadow.

There’s an old newspaper article i’ll try to find that talks about the guy johns meadow is named after taking people up forsee creek from hwy 38 on a fishing trip. i went up the creek from 38 not long ago to see if one could get to johns meadow from 38 via the creek. one cannot, at least not without technical climbing. about 400 feet below johns meadow, we had to scramble up and out of the canyon bottom to continue.

If you go past the camping area westward, cross the creek, and start up the trail that connects to the san bernardino peak trail, there’s a sizable meadow, complete with lots of corn lilies and other meadow greenery below the trail on the tributary of forsee creek that you crossed after camp. I’ve wondered if maybe this is johns meadow? i’d be curious to see some historic evidence of it’s actual location…it’s not been johns meadow for that long. the meadow’s namesake lived until the 70s or 80s, i believe. let me see if i can find that article…

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