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chris in redlands

Also, from another page of that paper:


NEW PLACENAME Arrow near center points to Johns Memorializing the late John Surr of the name was made official by the Board of Geographic It appears for the first time on this new edition of the Forest Service map of the San Bernardino National Todays Grain of Salt explains JOHNS Located at the junction of Forsee creek and its West Branch this area includes the real meadow growth on the highlighted bank just right of a bench between the creeks where back packers West branch enters picture at right Central ridge of San Bernardino is seen in FORSEE FALLS Johns Meadow elevation feet is reached by a twohour climb from Route four miles east of Camp The Forsee creek route is rocky and Nearing the meadow the canyon throats down and creek drops in a series of Gordon Witter scouts a climbable Facts photos by Frank

So it looks like i’ll need to pop by the library to see what might be in there…sounds like there’s a map or diagram.

Also, this from John’s daughter.

I’ll post here if i find anything more.

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