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Ranger Lon

Saxton has a reputation of having water year around. My last report of adequate water at Saxton was from May 18 this year, but I had a more recent report from late July of water at High Meadow Spring, which is at a higher elevation, so I would be very confident on finding water at Saxton. Keep in mind that the water at Dobbs Cabin is not far out of your way, and that stream is the one that feeds the Big Falls waterfall (which is also fed by the stream up by Saxton.) You will also pass by a reliable source at the Alger Creek camp. Take advantage of those sources just in case, but you should be OK. If anyone else has been up to Saxton since May and can chime in here it would be a good confirmation. If we don’t get further input on this before your hike, please either update this thread with what you found, or share with us at Mill Creek and we’ll pass the info along.

Have fun!

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