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Ranger Lon

We have not had any reports from Columbine since early in the summer when it was flowing well, but I just heard from a trail patrol volunteer that has been down there recently and he says Columbine Springs has dried up. Most years it only flows in the very early summer months but then usually dries up by mid to late summer and we seem to be at that point now. The water seems to be heading down into underground springs. If you go in there, I recommend you plan to bring all the water you expect to need. Then if you locate where the spring ran earlier in the season, you might try digging a small hole to see if you can get it to fill from ground water in the area. I know it is not much to hope for, but it is worth a try and if it works you can top off what you brought. Next nearest water source would appear to be Limberpine Spring.

Hope that helps.

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