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Thanks Dan and Lon,

We just purchased a Subaru Crosstrek so the rougher trails should be a bit easier to travel than they were with my Civic. 🙂

Dan- was there water available on the part of the trail you traveled?  It appears there would be two points- the last being around Fish Creek Camp.  But none past there.

Thanks for the note about the hunters.  I ran into some hunters last year or the year before and thought it might be a good idea to wear a brightly colored hat, or hang a bright towel etc during hunting season.

Water carrying might be rough for this trip.  A better plan might be to setup camp at Fish Creek Saddle and summit the next morning with a lighter pack.

Could even do Vivian Creek since I’ve never done that trail- although I tend to lean more toward the less- traveled trails when I can.

Lon- I’ll be sure to report back with pictures etc whichever trail I decide to take.

Thanks again.

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