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Hi Mike:

There was water flowing nicely in Fish Creek, below the main camp and at the second crossing.  I’d guess that was approximately two miles in.  There was no water past that point.  I did hike a little past Fish Creek Saddle, and the trail was fine.  We didn’t go all the way to Mine Shaft Saddle, but it looked fine.  We were concerned that we’d run out of daylight on the return trip, so we turned around.

I don’t know if Lodgepole Spring is flowing, but it’s only about a mile below Fish Creek Saddle.  If you do go that route, let me know if there is still water there.

High Creek (off Vivian Creek) sounds like a long way to go for water.  There is quite a bit of elevation loss and gain if you have to return back to Fish Creek.

Hope that helps.  Have fun!



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