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Shawn- I hope my post didn’t come off as negative because I have no complaints about the trail whatsoever.  Well, maybe the brush could be cut back on the upper part of Stone House. 🙂

Otherwise, even the moderately sketchy parts I spoke about add to the enjoyment for me.  A 4 foot wide, perfectly cut trail, while nice, actually makes me feel less like I’m out in the wilderness.  As long as there is some sort of trail to follow,  I’m good.  And I agree about the washes.  Will be interesting to see what happens when the snow melts next year.

Steve-  Wow!  Thanks for that note.  I wish this forum was more busy, but then that would come with it’s own set of issues, I suppose.  The r/socalhiking forum of Reddit is pretty good, but I enjoy this format better.

Definitely say hi if you see me on the trail.

Happy Holidays to you too.

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