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Cool.  Glad it worked.

Yup.  Something nice about just laying your head back, kicking your feet up and relaxing after the hike up.  Gotta learn to bring my large pad, though.  Would love to find a 3’x3′ lightweight square foam for the dog too.  They don’t care about laying on the bare ground of course.  ha ha.

Got lucky that it was only me and a group of 4 guys who were sitting right near the entrance.  I walked down the right side of the lake to get some distance (they also had their dogs off-leash and I keep our dogs away from other dogs) and found the only marginally flat spot without snow.

Of course they were laughing and having a good time so there wasn’t much silence.   Nothing overboard… sound just carries there apparently… or they were being a bit loud… or I’m getting old and crotchety. ha ha.  😉

See you on the trails.

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