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Ranger Lon

Not there just yet. I drove up there today (Feb 19th) and the ice is still hanging in there:

Road still closed Feb 19 2020

The night time video taken of the road on the 8th made it look closer to being melted, but in the light of the day, it still looks like it will be a while before it finally melts off. We could use a warmer rain storm that would wash out the ice at the 6,000 foot elevation and maybe still drop snow higher up. This weekend is expected to bring a little bit of snow, but probably not enough to set this road back too much.

I would recommend an early start and park at the Momyer trail head parking lot. Then you will have about a 2 mile walk in on the road to get to where the Vivian Creek trail starts.

If you are open to other options, give us a call at Mill Creek Thursday – Sunday 8AM to 4:30 PM and we’ll let you know where else you might consider going that is more accessible.


Hope that helps.

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