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Vivian is the least technical approach to the summit in my opinion,  so you’re good.  Pretty sure there will be a couple others that lay tracks.  At High Creek I recommend just going straight up until you meet back up with the trail  (that little bit of switchbacks just after there.  Then pay attention to East Side topo lines for that last ridge before summit.  They’re fairly steep.  I’ve done it with poles and spikes before, but I’d recommend packing your crampons and axe.  I think my last time in snow, I had a moving time of around 9 hrs, and overall time of 11 hrs.  I just pick a turn around time if it gets late.  Packing a headlamp, and some of the other survival stuff  just in case is recommended for a day hike.  It’s still snowing, I believe and will clear Sat.

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