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Ranger Lon


No recent trail reports, but we got snow down below the trailhead elevation over the past two weeks adding to what was already there. The dirt road does not get plowed like Jenks Lake road does, so the concern is how much snow and ice is still there. From what I can see on the Angelus Oaks webcam, the snow at that elevation has melted off pretty well, but expect shady areas (like the bench above Barton Flats) to take a little longer to melt off. As far as getting in on the road is concerned, I’d suggest waiting another week because the coming rain and warmer temperatures next week will really help clear the road.

Expect snow and ice on the trail from the beginning to the camp at Johns Meadow. The start of the trail should be only a few inches, but will get to about 6 to 12 inches by the time you get to the 7,000 foot level. Spikes will be important to keep from sliding on the ice under the snow (or when the new stuff ices over.)

Check out the webcam view on and the first one that comes up is a view of the San Gorgonio Wilderness from Bear Peak and the view usually includes the Forsee creek area on the right side of the image. You are going to see a lot of white all the way down to the Barton Flats level and a bunch is peeking through the trees even at the level of this trail.

Hope that helps. Be safe and if you are uncertain of whether it is OK to proceed, wait a bit. The mountain is not going anywhere.


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