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Was there this weekend as well (Sunday). The parking for South Fork was open, however the toilets at the trail head are locked/closed. There is a single port-o-potty that is quite full…so not sure how much longer it is usable (also no TP).

The trail was free of any snow until essentially the fork. Was trying for Dollar lake, but as we approached was told that there was too much snow and that you needed snow shoes to pass.


We went the other way to dry lake: about the last 0.50 mile, there was snow which at times was deep, but all safe and passable without special equipment (though poles would be helpful), and be careful not to slip if icy (at the time it was slushy).

Dry lake is defrosted and swimmable if you can tolerate ice cold water. (My dog enjoyed herself, the humans I saw attempt did not last long).

We passed by other hikers but the trail was not too crowded and we did not find it unsafely populated with people.

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