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Ranger Lon

Normally you get a permit in a day or two, unless you send it late Sunday and it waits until someone comes in on Thursday to process it. This is why we normally say to allow 5 days to process, because the office is closed some days of the week.

Right now with the COVID closure, I am processing the permits remotely from home EVERY DAY. If you send it today, the longest it should take is 1 day because I normally process the mailbox between 10AM and 1PM each day. Also pay attention to the Permit Availability calendar on our website, but keep in mind that I am getting something like 20 to 30 requests each day and even though I update the calendar as I process permits, there may be  other people who sent a request for the camp you wanted before you sent yours in.

Most permit requests are being approved so far, but I am getting more each day that I cannot approve due to camps being already full.

Keep that in mind if you think you are going to get away from crowds during this time – some of the camps are getting crowded on weekends in particular.

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