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Ranger Lon

SBNF never closed the trails, only the developed campgrounds and picnic areas. Dispersed and wilderness camping have been available all year.

Whether overnight is advisable given Covid concerns is another question. State Parks may be restricted, but the San Bernardino National Forest is not a State Park.

Many of the SGWA volunteers are wary of going out in the Wilderness right now, but some have been doing personal hikes and overnights. You have seen their posts here and on our Facebook page.

My best advice for those who want to get out in the back country safely, is this: Go on the weekdays (Monday – Thursday) if you can. Weekends are going to be very busy everywhere on the mountains from now until October (and until the next snow comes in.) Maybe this is a good opportunity to check out some of the lesser used camp areas that will not have everyone and their cousins trying to get in there.

If you were hoping to go on Memorial Day weekend, I won’t say give it up, but if you look at our availability calendar, you’ll see an ever decreasing list of camps that are not already full. The names that were removed from the list all have quite a few people planning to go.

This year might be a good one to miss the San Gorgonio Wilderness, but consider other areas outside of the wilderness where there may be fewer people?? Just a thought.

Hope that helps.

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