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Hikin Jim

That makes sense that you’d encounter significant snow heading out of Dry Lake View toward Jepson Pk and San Gorgonio Mtn.  That spot there just south of Dry Lake View always tends to hold snow longer.

A small technical distinction:  If you went by way of Saxton, you’re no longer on the Momyer Creek Trail.  The Momyer Creek Trail goes straight up to the ridge.

The trail that cuts over via Alger Creek Camp is the Alger Creek Trail, and the trail that goes by Dobbs and Saxton on up to Dollar Lake Saddle is the Falls Creek Trail.

Sometimes it gets a little confusing, since sometimes anything originating out of the Momyer Creek trailhead gets called the “Momyer Creek Trail”, but really only the trail that goes straight up to the ridge and crests just east of San Bernardino East Peak is the Momyer Creek Trail.

Considering that we probably wouldn’t even have a San Gorgonio Wilderness were it not for Joe Momyer and the work he did to prevent the development Jepson and San Gorgonio as a ski resort, it’s fitting that we respect the trail and the creek that bear his name.


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