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Ranger Lon

Hunting is allowed in the San Bernardino National Forest (which includes the San Gorgonio Wilderness.) The rules that govern hunting are those detailed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and you can find their information at their website:–hunts

The SGW is in Zone D14. You can hunt anywhere in the wilderness, but you have to be aware of the proximity to populated areas before you shoot. Most of the places where the game will be are not where people are, but you still need to be aware of the camp and trail locations as well as the residences outside of the wilderness boundary in case you happen to be near the borders.

Do we allow hunters in the wilderness? Of course we do! Anyone can obtain a day hike or overnight permit as long as the quota of permits has not been filled. While day hikes do not currently require a permit, the Deer season starts at the end of summer (Bow hunting usually in September and Rifle hunting in October – check DFW’s web site for season dates.)  We are expecting a new Forest Order soon to bring back the Day Hike permit requirement, so that will likely be back in force by Deer season.

Best way to ensure you can get a permit for the camp location is to request is as soon as you can. We issue permits up to 3 months in advance, so mid to lat July, you can request a permit for mid to late October dates. In truth, you can probably get the back area camps like Mineshaft Flats as late as a month out from the date, but Hunters are very fond of that back country area and we fill up some of the camps as quickly as mid summer demand does, so the sooner you can plan your hunting trip, the better.

When Mill Creek reopens, come by and we can tell you how the whole thing works and discuss access to the more remote areas. Want to know where the deer are? Unfortunately we don’t have access to their appointment calendars, so you’ll have to check with someone else about that. 😉

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