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Hikin Jim

High Meadow Springs Camp:

Water at High Meadow Springs is pretty easy to find; it’s just that it’s not that easy to gather.  It’s always low flow, even in early season.  You have to just look around in the meadow below the camp area and find a spot in hummocks that’s collecting enough water that you can extract from.  There used to be a board or a log that water was flowing along that you could get water from easily, but I’m not sure that is there anymore.  As for the camp itself, be on the lookout for a trail sign.   I think the sign faces west, but it used to be that if coming from the east, you could miss it.  Just keep an eye on your map and start looking for the spur trail down to the camp when you get into the area.  The trail is steep but WAY more followable than it was 10 to 15 years ago.  There’s now even a sign at the camp area and I think there might be a newer, more visible sign at the start of the spur trail.  Do realize that you are spoiled rotten by the SGWA volunteer trail crews.  I don’t know of anywhere in Southern California where the trails, overall, are better maintained or marked.  Some of the trails (upper section of Momyer Creek, Big Tree, lower section of Fish Creek from the SART to Aspen Grove need a little TLC), but overall, the SGW is the best.


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