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Hikin Jim

I was there Memorial Day weekend, and there should be water.  Maybe there won’t be water right at camp (although I wouldn’t be surprised if there were), but there are two good water sources in the general vicinity of camp.

Topo map link of camp area:

1.  About 0.4 mi up the trail from camp, the trail crosses the W Fork of Fish Creek.  Water is usually available here in even in late season (although in some years, it’s just damp mud in late season).

2.  It won’t be this time of year (June 8 as I write this), but if source #1 were dry, about a mile back down the trail, the trail crosses the Middle Fork of Fish Creek.  This is the most reliable water in the area.  I have never seen this completely dry even in multi-year droughts.

Hope that helps,


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