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Matt C.

We went out on the Lost Creek Trail from the South Fork Campground on 13Jun20.  As we researched the map and our approved permit had Grinnell ridge camp as our first night, we set out.  Major blow out on the trail within the first two miles, and the trail just peters out.  Absolutely no trail before or after the ridge and we were forced to traverse the canyon to the South Fork Trail.  That area is unsafe from no trail, thick brush, and widow makers from all the dead trees from the fire.  And yes there is at least a thousand feet or more of poly tube and a dug out catch basin at mosquito spring.  Nothing growing there and seems abandoned at least a year.  Location is 34°08’39.8″N 116°50’15.1″W / 34.144378, -116.837533 .  Reported to a Ranger on the South Fork trail and he said to post here on the forum.Dug out water catch

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