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Mark Ratz

hey DWSD:

I was at High Meadow Springs on Sat night  the 13th. we talked to one group that said they had 24 people in their group, and another group that had 7 people. We were only two people, but we were forced to look a little further than the most obvious camp area. I bushwhacked around and found probably 5 or 6 additional dug out campsites… in fact, we found an enormous one that could fit 3 or 4 tents in one area.

I did not ask the other groups if they all had permits, but I got the impression from the conversations that I did have, that this campsite was usually not so busy. one camper said he had been to this site 12 or so times and usually had it to himself.

I dont think you will have trouble finding a spot… but… you could gather your water at the spring and then continue on to red rock, as it is probably only a 15 min walk from high springs…and we didn’t see a single other tent there.

Additionally, if you were asking about water at the high meadow, the spring was flowing really well on Sat when we were there.

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